About us

We are a Private  Equity and Venture Capital Firm which provide Financial as well as Logistical Capital to early stage, high –profitable, High-risk but high growth promising  business  Ideas in Uganda.

We combine Funding and Professional Consulting. The main objective of Uganda  Development Partners is to take early advantage and Invest in Ugandan pre-emerging and emerging sectors.

The company sees an opportunity in Uganda which recently ranked as the best Entrepreneurial  country in the world

We focus on  meeting the growing needs of Small Businesses looking for Funding and Professional Assistance in a diversity of Projects.

     Funding Innovation. Unlocking Entrepreneurial Mindset

Company Vision: To be the preferred investment partner, consistently unlocking value in an entrepreneurial manner, through long-term mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders.

Company Value: Embracing Transformation and Development: Uganda Development Partners is committed to build the Ugandan business environment from both a broader community and a business perspective. The company wishes to develop the Country by providing finance, advice and Newsiest Technologies.

We  build links between International Development Agencies, Investors, corporate and businesses in Uganda.

Company Mission: To consistently deliver sustainable returns to our stakeholders by identifying, structuring and managing Investments.

How we work :  We seek out Ugandan small companies/Entrepreneurs with the potential for growth and with the aim to put in place the capital, talent and strategy needed to permanently strengthen their ideal and raise its value. This often categorized under the umbrella of “alternative investments.

Our goal, is to help more Entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions for growth by providing them with finance, strategic advice and information at critical stages of their development. We wish to play a critical role in driving Uganda’s growth and job creation, enable Entrepreneur to grow and develop, and supports companies which would have had lower growth or would not have been able to survive without.

We improve the performance of thousands of companies and allows the development of new technologies and their applications.

Our investment processes are right for Uganda

  • The firm analyzes investments carefully, based on the best information available. Then, we check that against common sense and double check it with what people are saying on the ground.
  •  We employee a highly experienced and disciplined Investment Committee, which considers every investment decision.
  • We focus on socio-economic cycles, and we apply both statistical and fundamental models, including “growth at a reasonable price” (GARP), to identify companies with superior growth and value metrics.
  •  We hold investors’ money and assets in independent and separate accounts held by our independent Custodian Bank.
  •  We report regularly to investors through our Administration system

Our Investment Philosophy is right for Uganda

  • We only invest where we are on the ground, fully understand what is going on, and trust the people and institutions concerned. We apply this principle whether we are talking about simple bank deposits or sophisticated private equity investments.
  • We focus on understanding and managing the downside – in a dynamic, growth economies such as we find in Uganda, investors can easily get carried away by the upside.
  • We only invest in Entrepreneurs, Companies and Institutions which meet demanding requirements, and contribute, rather than detract from, the sustainable development of Uganda and its people.

Our Investment Operations are Right for Uganda

  • Uganda Development Partners brings together Investment Professionals from around the World, from banking,Venture Capital and equity backgrounds, and of widely differing life and business experience.
  • Uganda Development Partners have most of its people on the ground, and wishes to genuinely root in the communities in which it invests. At the same time, it benefits from the involvement of the International team which is fully integrated into the investment process at every level….
  • All of our decision and execution processes are carefully designed to meet best practice Global standards.
  • The Company believes in good governance at every level – from distinguished Advisory Board, to our individual operating boards in our areas of operation.